Red soil
The grounds are mainly calcareous, strongly decalcified, but not completely permeable with presence of red gravels and with a meter of ferrous ground layer. This type of ground has great agrarian interest. It holds back notably the rain and the fertilizing substances. It is a sub-clayey ground but during the strong droughts it never produces deep clefts, because the grounds “red soil”, where the coagulation of the ferric colloids determines in the ground a precious lacunar structure. Along the courses of the Isonzo and the Judrio rivers there is the presence of white gravels. Gravelly grounds, characterized by strong permeability, strong airing, accented oxidized processes, modest presence of humus, weak ability of water deduction. They need sometimes irrigated interventions and manurings made with prudence. These grounds have difficult cultivation but the grapevine discreetly produces and exalts the qualitative characteristics. Both grounds are very suitable for the cultivation of the grapevine. The characteristic of the grounds of the Isonzo production area is the presence of gravels of recent flood. If the grounds present diversifications, the climate is sufficiently uniform; thanks to the proximity of the sea and the entourage of the Alps there are no sudden changes of temperature.