Through the quality
The vineyards extend themselves amoug the following zones of production: Doc Friuli Isonzo, Doc Collio and IGT Venezia Giulia. Consorzio tutela vini Doc Friuli Isonzo (Union for the protection of Wines D.O.C. Friuli Isonzo): The valley of the river Isonzo, a world of great wines. An unique universe, founded upon the perfect harmony among the body of the perfumes, of the tastes and the refinement of the aromas, strongly tied up to the characteristics of varieties. Valorizing the environmental peculiarities the studies have brought to the division of the territory in homogeneous areas for typologies of grounds and climate: the left side of the Isonzo river is characterized for little calcareous grounds, rich of noble clays mixed to red gravels, while the right side reveals very calcareous thanks to the presence of white gravels. Producing techniques allowed: a production between the 60 and 90 quintals for hectare, the grass in the vineyard, the use of vegetable residues from cutted grass to integrate the ground, the thinning out of the clusters in two periods in order to have a constant production reducing the green pruning and the irrigation. In this way are exalted the intrinsic qualities of every vineyard, in a same territory, but characterized by the own peculiarity, due to the microclimate and to the pedological variability. Consorzio Tutela vini Doc Collio (Union for the protection of wines D.O.C. Collio): the name collio means hill, and is refered to the wine obtained from the grapes coming from the cultivated vineyards on the wrinkled grounds that are placed to the border between Slovenia and Italy. Collio is today all over the world synonymous of great white wines: vines as Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio , Chardonnay. Not less important are the autochtonous vines, perfect tuning among history, tradition and wish to identify a wine with its territory. The vineyards are exposed to south, the form of rearing is guyot, the age of the vineyards is about 10 to 20 years, the ground is gravelly, the altitude is 89 meters, the period of vintage is between September (white wines) and October (red wines).