To valorize the Terroir
The base of the job begins with the creation of a realizable economic project with the farmer. When this begins, I always think about the final destination of my job, that is to valorize the terroir, expressing to the single piece of ground what the mycroclimate naturally gives. With the extreme care of all the phases of growth of the grapevine, the perfect maturation of the grapes is obtained. The quality is determined by the details. The wine making has to valorize mature grapes, taking care of all the points that are necessary to extract the sweet components and avoiding the extraction of the unpleasant components. The wine, as a drink, has to give agreeability during drinking it. During each vintage, the single grape and single vineyard follow a plan of wine-making and refinement determined firt by raw materials and second from the sensibility of the person is going to transform it. Few balanced intervention give excellent results, small errors can provoke irremediable damages.

Andrea Di Maio, borned in Livorno in 1974, graduated in Oenology and Wine-growing to University of Pisa, agricultural branch in 1999. I started to work in the agricultural firms as worker during the university studies, to be able to acquire the necessary experience and to understand how to optimize the various operations. Farm Isole and Olena, Estate of Valgiano, Castle of Terriccio, Castle di Ama, these are some of the firms where I began my professional growth. In 2000 I had the possibility to enter the Marquises Antinori’s technical staff, where I worked till 2003 acting as responsible of wine making in their estate Guado al Tasso, in Bolgheri zone. From January 2004 I was a free professional collaborating with the Studio VinoVigna and from January 2006 I have created one individual structure. During these professional experiences I have had the possibility to know a lot of people, and I am happy to have established a beautiful friendship with Paul De Marchi. Paolo is my teacher, thanks to him I have understood that wine has to be only: True and the producers with which I collaborate have married my believe!!!