A family firm
The firm is structured on family base, the most important decisions are taken together, in the evening after supper, when everybogy can say what’s thinking about! Mrs. Giuliana Guadagni is the owner (and she has every reason!!!). I am Paolo Benassi and I deal with the relationships with customers and suppliers and of the inside work, as organization in the wine cellar and in the vineyard. The representation from region Friuli for the company is Miss Cristina Visintin that deals with the commercial branch, typical woman coming from Friuli. If I had to compare her to a wine I would choose the Cabernet Franc that, when you bring it to the nose, it prepares yourself to something of very difficult to tame but then, in mouth, it catches you with its softness, its sweetness and its savoir-fair. Zoran Kodermac is the wine celler, it is born to Fojana (slo) in 1956, he works in the firm of family for different years and in 1990 it begins to work in the farm La Bellanotte. When we ask to Paolo to speak to us of him it tells us: “a simple man, humble, that still believes in the true values and in the poetry that serves for making a good wine!! Stubborn enough to be a great collaborator without whom it would be difficult to be grown up to be known all over the world!!”